About SCI

Sensor Creations, Inc. (SCI) was founded in 2010 and offers custom CMOS IC designs and OEM camera developments in the field of visible and infrared imaging. After two years of building up a diverse and now silicon proven IP library, SCI is today in the position to realize many custom imaging IC designs in deep sub-micron CMOS technologies with minimum design time and guaranteed first pass functionality. Our imaging devices are complete single chip systems with analog or digital output and many programmable parameters to adapt individual performance to specific customer requirements via serial interface.

In order to serve the high performance imaging market with affordable monolithic silicon sensors, SCI developed a unique backside illumination (BSI) technology. In our BSI sensors, photo generated charge carriers are collected from a fully depleted thick silicon membrane delivering a performance equivalent to that of backside illuminated CCDs or hybrid PIN focal plane arrays, in particular:

  1. 1. high quantum efficiency from 200nm - 1100nm wavelength
  2. 2. fast detector response time supporting bandwidths > 1Ghz
  3. 3. High Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) for pixel arrays with a pitch from 3 to several 10 micron.

SCI recognizes the challenge of our customers to implement a new sensor chip into a camera system. Therefore we provide comprehensive system integration support from definition of sensor specifications to delivery of entire camera demonstration boards. SCI routinely develops the hard-, firm- and software of data acquisition systems to evaluate the performance of new devices. These platforms support common high speed interfaces like USB2.0, USB3.0, CameraLink or CoaXpress for data up- and download. Image capturing software to operate our devices with commonly available computer equipment is part of any of our demonstration board deliveries.


Monolithic Backside Illuminated CMOS image sensors, High Dynamic Range Imaging, High performance ROIC for hybrid focal plane arrays, Science grade CMOS sensors